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Beat a dead horse? Why sure!

Mark Steyn:

Howard Dean will have a job again in America. It won’t be President of the United States. But there’s no reason why he couldn’t be a spokesperson for Ben & Jerry’s premium Vermont ice cream, perhaps dressed up as a Holstein in the late stages of BSE. (‘I scream for ice cream. And you will, too.’)


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I scream, you scream, we all scream, but Dean out-screams them all.

Enjoying your blog . . . I don't get many comments either. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. I always say Canada's geographically large but socially small.

I think to get lots of comments, you have to have a topic that people can relate to and add theri experiences -- like why Microsoft sucks, for example.

(You know, don't you, that Winnipeg is the heart of Canada.)

If you're thinking about longtitude and latitude, then yes. If you're thinking from the heart, then geography isn't as important : ) If you're a prairie person, then you know that the prairies, in general, are the heart of Canada.

I'm originally from Winnipeg, which is why I feel it's the real cold, icy heart of Canada. We used to call it the center of the universe.

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