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Caution: geek at work.

My current style sheet for this blog creates some problems when viewed on the buggy browser (also known as Internet Explorer 6). I've tried to correct them and have received some good advice (thanks King of Fools!) but it looks like it's hopeless. I've picked a new style from Movable Style and will be tinkering with it for a while until I get something I'm happy with. If things look like crap, it's because I'm still working or I have no taste.

Update: The bug that is bothering me is the inability to select text accurately via click-and-drag. I've seen this bug on a few Movable Type pages but I wanted to get rid of it on mine. It seems though that Microsoft has already thought of all the ways I tried to thwart them and was ready for me. I'm giving up for now but will try again.


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That click-and-drag-and-select-the-whole-godamm-content-like-it-or-not is actually easy to solve but has one little drawback.

First the fix: add <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> in your templates and put it before your DOCTYPE (in short, it has to be the very first line of code.)

Then the flaw: although it's perfectly correct for an xhtml file (and actually comes recommended) it will force IE 6 to fall back into what's known as 'quirk' mode.
The only visible effect of this being that the margins and padding you defined in your style sheet might render slightly differently.

It's no big deal though, compared to the text selection annoyance. And you can still carefully tweak your CSS to adjust.

And oh, thanks for the link to my blog.

Thanks for the help. I tried the fix and it does work but it messes up the layout and the fonts pretty bad. Hopefully I'll get a chance to fiddle a bit with it again tonight and make it look half-decent.

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