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Gotta look out for that Cosmic Justice...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Cosmic Justice giving a good solid thwack to a woman in the supermarket who felt she could intervene in the correcting of my child. Well I got my own taste of it the other day when I was again at the supermarket, though this time I was at the giant Loblaws and was without babies.

I picked up my shopping cart, and for some reason I looked at the handle and saw these words, "This cart is different. Please leave adequate room to manoeuvre." I'd shopped here for a long time and used the same oversized carts each time. I had never noticed this warning before. And I thought -- what a stupid warning!

I went into full curmudgeon mode then. I muttered to myself about lawyers' paranoia about liability. I fumed about the contempt corporations have for people's common sense. And then I turned a corner too wide and knocked over two dozen jars of baby food.

The funny thing (well, the other funny thing) is that it wasn't until I was warned to be careful that I no longer was. This means something, but I'm not sure what.


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