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Hello, Poison Control?

I was putting the dishes away and the babies had been quieter than usual for a few minutes. This usually means trouble, so I went to see what was up. Max and Talia were happily pulling out the detritus from under the front baseboard heaters. But what's that? Max has a poinsettia leaf in his mouth!

Everyone knows poinsettias are incredibly poisonous. Even my wife the doctor regretted that someone had got us a plant for Christmas and we had allowed the deadly thing in our home. And now the worst has happened -- Max has chewed up a leaf! It was all soggy when I pulled it out of his mouth! OMG! Where's the number for Poison Control?

But wait a second. If it was such a deadly poison, it wouldn't be sold. Max looks fine. Let's take a look on the internet. Snopes says they're not poisonous at all; it's just an urban myth. Whew!

Now we have something new for lunch today.

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