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Liberal spinmasters at work.

So the RCMP invaded the house of a reporter to get information concerning a story that suggested Canadian intellegence gave the information to the US that led to the arrest and deportation to Syria of Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen. This is the same arrest and deportation was the subject of much chest-thumping from PM Paul when he met Bush last week. The most obvious explanation for the RCMP raid is to find out who leaked the info to the reporter and prevent him or her from doing it again and potentially embarrassing the government further. But here's how PM Paul's chief spokesman explained it:

A lot of people seem to think this is the beginning of something wider to intimidate journalists and all that. I can tell you that that is certainly not the intention or the desire in any way, shape or form of the prime minister.

As you know, we don't direct the RCMP in what they can or can't do. At the same time, in this case, the whole point is to make sure that these kinds of leaks that damage the reputation of individuals don't happen again.

Yes that's right, according to the PM's office, the RCMP invaded a reporter's house because she gained access to information that suggested Arar was a member of al-Qaeda, and that information made his life difficult. It had nothing to do with the limb PM Paul crawled out onto by hypocritically making such a fuss about Arar's arrest in the US. It was about the hurt feelings of a potential terrorist. Right.

Update: I just heard Anne McLellan giving the same line on CBC Radio. She says (and I paraphrase from my bad memory), "Canadians want to get to the bottom of who was behind leaking this sensitive information which caused such pain to Maher Arar and his wife and children." Just in case you can't feel sympathy for Arar -- what about the children?

Another update: What McLellan said from a CTV story:

The key thing to remember was this criminal investigation was about a leak "that has undoubtedly affected the reputation of a man, his wife and his children," she said.


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Only in Canada can someone who obviously has questionable terror ties get everyone in such knot. It is just embarrassing...

Wow, my first comment! Thanks!

This Arar case has baffled me from the beginning. Just because the CBC and sympathizers were willing to take this guys story as the gospel truth, why did the government go along with it? Especially if they had some good info on what the real story is with this guy?

I noticed that Arar has grown too big for the Canadian spotlight and has now moved on to the big show, just like Jim Carrie and Mike Meyers. He's gonna be the next Mumia!

There appears to be a line up of Arar's recently...
The CSIS and RCMP seem to think he is dirty. The CBC kills me ...we paid for that commentary. Hey, we can't afford to transport our troops to meet our commitments and rely on the America. So it seems with our terrorists to... :-)

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