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Once more into the breach.

Do not adjust your set. The screwed up mess you may be viewing is the result of a rank amateur trying to create a style sheet that works on more than one browser and looks halfway decent. I hope to finish this evening.

Update: What do you know? I've failed again. It seems both Netscape and IE6 have different ways of accounting for width of objects. In IE6, margin values are considered as part of the object they are attached to. So 70% for an object plus 2% margin on both sides is still 70% of the screen width. In Netscape they are separate -- 74%. Well, I think this is the way things are; who knows? I'm going a little mad.

The Dissident Frogman dropped by to give me a bit of advice. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow. Grrrr.


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Stof faffing about with the web site and put some witty comment up to entertain me. Im bored.

Okay already. I did it. Are you happy now?

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