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A perfect moment

In Swimming to Cambodia, the late Spalding Grey talked about his quest for a perfect moment. He made it seem like these perfect moments were hard to come by, but I've had quite a few of them. What makes a perfect moment is to have that feeling of contentment wash over you. All worry is gone, and you live in the moment feeling that all is right in the world. Most of these moments I've had have been related to travel and food -- sitting outside, watching the fountain show at the Belagio while dining on a delicious steak with blue cheese sauce, or an afternoon pastry and coffee outside a cafe in Vienna -- but today with my sweeties I had another one.

I was lying on the patio stones with my eyes closed under the sun. Max was crawling over my legs, back and forth, having a good time, while Talia was tottering around behind my head, saying to herself what she's been saying a lot lately, "Ta-ya ... Ta-ee-ya ... Ah-ya ... TA-YA!". The sun was warm, even though the day was pretty cool, and the insides of my eyelids were orange. This was good. I was happy.

Of course it didn't last. Max, the Gravel Gourmet, had moved out to the driveway so I had to get up to hook from his mouth whatever it was he stuck in there. But that's what makes them perfect moments, I guess.

I'd like to say that the reason I haven't been blogging so much lately is that I've been too busy enjoying similar moments and leading a contemplative life, but the real reason is that I've been spending my few free moments playing Unreal Tournament 2004. Not exactly peaceful or relaxing, but still very fun. Onslaught mode rocks.

But I'll get bored of it soon. Normal blogging will resume shortly.


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