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Alas, poor Svend, cont'd

I'm generally not one of those people to tell you I told you so, but ... I told you so. It seems Svend was already in the sights of the RCMP before he did his public act of contrition. His 'weekend of great anguish' was spent trying to figure out how to play this exceptionally poor hand he dealt himself, and not due to any crisis of conscience. You have to admit, all this too much pressure, I just snapped, gosh I'm sorry, *sniff-sniff* stuff is pretty good. I never thought he was stupid.

A friend called earlier and said she thought I was being pretty hard on "poor Svend". Well, I think even for Sheila I'd be a bit more understanding, but this is a man who lived for making wild accusations and attacking people. He deserves everything he gets.

UPDATE: And then there's this, indicating Svend had been out shopping for a ring in the days before his theft (of a $50,000 ring!). Hmmm, he just snapped, eh?


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