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Baby update

Finally the colds are that Max and Talia have been suffering through are coming to an end. I can't complain too much about them; the kids were remarkably easy compared to how it could have been. They (mostly) slept through the night and only occasionally were completely miserable. Our secret? Multiple doses of liquid ibuprofin and liquid acetaminophen staggered throughout the day. And tissues, lots of tissues, the kind with the skin lotion included. As you can see in this early morning picture of Talia, our two little patients generated an enormous quantity of snot. If there was an industrial use for snot I might have been able to sell the contents of our wastebaskets for quite a sum of money.

I said their colds were almost over. Where's the fun in being sick if you can't share it with anyone? I took the kids to their playgroup today to cough on some toys. After all, they probably picked up the cold there, we should bring it back.

At the playgroup the first 15 minutes is the two of them gripping me tightly as they peek over my shoulders at all the other kids and the toys. Talia is the first to let go to play on the floor next to me. As long as I don't go too far, she's happy. Soon, Max will try to grab what Talia's playing with and she will start screaming. Then we're back to normal, and I can move around and talk to some of the other parents. Once they warmed up, they had a good time pushing each other around on this little buggy:


Your daughter will surely thank you for that photograph later in life. Thanks for purging any thoughts I may have had about starting a family from my head.