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Our PM is lost in space and time

Back in '96, I travelled to Boston with another engineer to take a course. As we came in to land at Logan airport, she looked out the window to the plane and asked me, "Ohh, is that the ocean?" I assured her it was, and she was silent for a moment. Then she asked, "Which ocean is it?"

She wasn't much better in her understanding of history either, once asking another engineer of my age if they only had silent movies when he was a kid.

To me, this kind of ignorance is unfathomable. How can you be so unaware of basic geography? How can you have no idea of where you are? How can you not have a basic understanding of the past?

Our PM has recently displayed a similar ignorance, mixing up 'Norway' with 'Normandy' in a speech to soldiers about the Second World War. I'm sure the PM will try to brush this off a simple misstatement, but the fact that he did it twice in the same speech makes me doubt that.

You have to wonder what other facts are screwed up in his head. If he thinks Operation Overlord involved storming the beaches of Norway, is it that he doesn't know where Norway is, or just that he has no knowledge of how the war progressed? Each possibility reveals a man who has no curiosity about the world. He probably learned everything he knows about these subjects accidentally as he strived to look solemn in the many Rememberance Day services he had to attend as a politician.

I didn't think my respect for this guy could get lower, but it just did.


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Well this *is* the country where the Minister of Defence refered to a certain regimetn as the "PPCL one".

That'd be PPCLI, as in Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, usually refered to as PPCL-"eye" when in a hurry.

You know, it's not like we have dozens of regiments (heck we don't HAVE a dozen regiments of note), you'd think the Minister of DEFENCE might be bothered to know this.

Oh. Wait. He's the Liberal Party. He knew nothing, saw nothing...

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