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Two comic strips have just begun storylines in which a character loses a leg in Iraq. One is the Very Important Doonesbury, where B.D. catches one:

And the other is my current favourite strip, Get Fuzzy.

I used to like Trudeau's strip quite a bit, but he's gotten pretty heavy-handed with his satire in the past few years and I've lost interest. I'll be expecting him to take out the sledgehammer to make sure everyone understands that the liberation of Iraq has been a complete disaster. But hopefully we'll at least see some respect given to those serving in Iraq who believe in what they're doing there.

With Conley's strip I'm not sure which way he'll play it out. Get Fuzzy's been mostly non-political up until now, and maybe it'll remain that way. But I've got that feeling of trepidation you get when your favourite musician/writer/artist is on a talk show and the subject turns to politics. Please don't be an idiot...


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I don't want to unnecessarily depress you, Bruce, but from what I've gleaned - I love Get Fuzzy, too, and read as much of it as I can get my hands on - Mr. Conley is rather left-leaning. If this is any indicator about his position on Iraq, it's certainly not a good one, given the morally decrepit state of the current mainstream Left. Certainly the fact that Bucky has occasionally been given to defending positions held by the current administration does not bode well.

Drat. I really hope you're wrong. But if you're refering to the constitutional amendment series, I don't think ridiculing the idea necessarily means he's an acolyte of Mike Moore. I mean, I think this proposed marriage definition amendment is a pretty dumb idea too.

I guess we'll have to see.

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