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Talia on two legs

The blog has been neglected for awhile, I know. Mama has been working 10 hour days this week and Papa has been too frazzled and distracted to do much besides keep up with his speedy offspring. I should share this though: Talia is now a biped, officially becoming a toddler this morning.

She's been working up to it this week, first standing when I let go of her hand, then standing on her own by releasing what she's holding on to, and finally this morning feeling comfortable enough to take a few steps towards me. She's still pretty tippy, but I'm sure she'll be running in a couple of weeks.

Max generally lags this type of development by about a week. He just can't stand to let her have all the fun. He's ready too -- he's been expertly maneuvering around the house using a stool as a walker. He can let go of it as soon as he realizes he can.


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Thats a good site to see, looks like you guys are making progress :D

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