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The social engineers will save us

Spurred by the horrible firebombing of a Jewish school in Montreal, the federal government has decided to spring into action with, well, an action plan:

The 10-chapter blueprint is expected to include advertising to get the message out that racism is poison, measures to strengthen ethnic communities, and an influx of new money into crime-prevention programs aimed at reducing racist acts.
Yes, they're reaching for their big guns, the same ones they use for dealing with any crisis -- advertising, and handouts to special interest groups. I'm sure it will be as big a success as all the other times they've used it.

The path that led to this crime in Montreal is not hard to figure out. There have been violent public anti-Semitic incidents in Montreal before -- the most notorious being the riot at Concordia University on the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu -- but little was done about it. Excuses were made and hands were waved. The instigators took the message that they can take things to the next level, and they did. Even now, with this 'action plan', the problem has not even been correctly identified. Preaching love and understanding will have no effect. This is not about 'racism' as we normally understand it; it's the importation into this country of the strange and bizarre worldview that clouds the minds of many people in the Middle East.

Europe is further down this road than we are, and things are starting to get hot over there. I wish I had a solution for this disease because I think it's going to get worse.


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