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Let's change the subject

Curiously, I'm still angry and upset about yesterday's results. I just hate to think about it. I haven't opened the newspapers and I'm keeping a safe distance from the TV. To prevent me from writing a long screed where I shake my little blog fist at the dopey and deluded voters of Ontario, I went digging for cool stuff on the web. These links should cheer anyone up.

  • How can you keep in shape without going to the gym? With House Gymnastics, of course. Soon to be an Olympic Sport.
  • Check out this digital Tower of Babel. They'll get there someday.
  • Here's a script that displays the last 30 photos posted to Live Journal. It's quite intriguing and occasionally pornographic. Just keep reloading
  • Are grocery lists boring? Yes. But archiving other's lists is not.
  • Have you ever seen one of those PC cases with the window cut in the side and neon lights inside? Amateurs..
  • And are you dope? Or wack? Find out.
Okay. I feel a bit better.


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House gymnastics...that one was very silly.

Thanks -- needed a laugh today too.

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