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Please sir, may I have another?

The emotions are swirling. Feeling stupid for being confident that Canadians weren't going to buy the Liberal snake oil again, angry because Canadians did buy the Liberal snake oil again, and disgusted because I put my faith in something, worked hard on it, and have nothing to show for it.

The last emotion is wrong. It's too easy to wrap yourself in a thick armour of cynicism and detachment to avoid suffering disappointment. But that requires giving up, and I'm not prepared to do that. There'll be another election soon, and if this minority government allows us to finally get to the truth about the depth of Liberal corruption, we'll be able to boot them out and do some much needed repairs to our democracy.

Hopefully the Conservatives will run as conservatives next time, rather than a slightly less looney version of the Liberals. Laying down a bold but honest platform that proposes to shake some of the grit and mildew off our institutions will surely enrage the usual suspects (who could never be pleased anyways), but will cool the overactive imaginations of those fearful voters that gave Paul Martin another chance. An aggressive but reasonable public agenda will eliminate the worries of a hidden agenda. Privatize the CBC? Oh that's all?

Considering the national picture, the Conservatives in Pontiac did pretty well. We got more than 24% of the vote, but still came in third. And so much for my vision of having many drinks while watching the results come in -- I spent most of the night flying a spreadsheet and talking to scrutineers on the phone. Just as well -- I don't think I could have handled watching Peter Mansbridge's smug, sanctimonious crap for very long anyway.

And now I go to bed...


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