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Also: lame, unfocused, boring, quiet, pointless, disappointing. If my thesaurus was nearby I'd find other words to describe my blog lately, but that would require me to go looking for it. And you can't find anything around here right now.

Each day, these toddlers of mine suck up much of my free time and prevent me from adding anything significant to this blog. It won't last forever, f course, but right now I feel a little out of control. My work on the local campaign has kept me pretty busy too. But that doesn't mean I don't have anything to say. Here's some of things that would have been written over the past two weeks if my kids would just calmly play with their toys on the floor and not require constant stimulation from me. Some of them might even have been interesting:

  • A rant on biases in the media.
  • A thoughtful examination of the two different philosophies of threat management, prevention and deterence.
  • A Lileksian discussion of my humiliating encounter with the new, automated, do-it-yourself checkouts at the supermarket.
  • Fiction! Murder in Teletubbieland, the story of the gruff but endearing DI Albright's investigation into Dipsy's murder. I think the NooNoo did it...
  • A discussion of how the growing anti-American obsession of watchdog groups such as Amnesty International and Greenpeace will weaken the causes they claim to care about.
  • Another rant about the biases in the media.
  • Musings about how allowing private health care providers will cause government spending to go up -- by removing some of the rationing of service that goes on now.
  • Gushing praise for what is probably the best kids movie you've never heard of, My Neighbor Totoro.
  • Yet more complaining about media bias.

Who knows, I might still be able to write these pieces in the near future, but I doubt it. I dream of the days -- coming soon, I hope -- when I'll be able to close a door to a room for a couple of hours and type away in peace. But trying to write standing at the kitchen counter while two little people clutch my leg saying, "Uh! Uh!" (translation: 'Up! Up!') is not much fun. So the blog will be sparse for some time, I'm afraid, but I'm not going to give it up yet.

And they're still be pictures. Like this one, which holds many thousands of words, I'm sure:

What's going on in this picture?  Write an essay to describe the emotions on the children's faces and speculate on what is happening.  You will be graded on your use of language and imagination.


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