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I'm going to die

Someday. And it's not going to be an easy death either:

I will be stung by a swarm of killer bees

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test

I always figured I'd spontaneously combust. I guess I was wrong.

(via the Stupid Angry Canajun)


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Jime got whacked on the head by an asteroid and I died bobbing for apples...hey bro...what's the injun in the top right corner?

It's a TV test pattern from ... I dunno, the fifties? Why it's there -- I have no clue...

how will i die something safe?

I'm going to die from blood clots in my heart.I have had several clots in different parts of my heart.Every clot has left a dead area in my heart.It will barely beat on its own anymore.It hurts and there is nothing they can do anymore.I guess its ok.we all gotta go.see ya

I just found out I'm going to be hit by a meteor... kool!

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