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Marvel Team-up: Polarman and the Autonomous Source!

The condemned townhouse we're staying in is reserved for the transient medical personal who come up to Iqaluit. They're the people needed to keep services available up here, because maintaining permanent staff is pretty much impossible. When they leave, they usually leave what's left of their non-perishable groceries, but when we arrived in our new home we found little we could use to make a meal. There was a half-used bag of dried lentils though, which we figured we left on our last visit to Iqaluit a year ago. I guess not too many people eat lentils...

So we needed some groceries. We loaded up the kids in the stroller and headed to the supermarket. Along the way we approached a playground, where it looked like a man was trying to fix a swing. As we walked past, he called out to us and asked for some help. I came over and saw that the man was wearing a mask and some sort of costume. I paid this no mind because I feel that a person's poor fashion sense is not something they have a choice in. They were born that way, and treating them differently for the way they are is just not right. The swing was knotted, he said, but he had managed to drive a 2X4 into the knot. All he needed was someone to help pull down on the other side to loosen the knot.

But that didn't work. Knots in chains grip pretty hard, and just pulling them open doesn't work. But I had another idea. I shook the chain from the bottom as he pushed down with the lumber. And voila! It started to loosen! Now we had a bigger opening in the knot, and if I could slide the swing through, the knot would be finished. I did it!

As I was doing this, I noticed some faint music coming from somewhere. It was the man's bag, there was some classical music coming out of it. It was muffled and distorted as if the tape was very old. I recognised the tune, but what was it? And then it hit me -- The Superman soundtrack. Hmm.

Mission accomplished. As if to emphasize the importance of our victory, one of the kids that had been standing around watching jumped on the swing we had liberated. There were other swings free, but this one was special, I guess. I said farewell to my partner in the battle and my family and I continued our walk to the store.

As we walked, my wife told me that that was Polarman, Iqaluit's superhero. When he's not actively fighting crime, he cleans the playgrounds, shovels the walks of the elderly, acts as a guide for visitors, and just generally helps everyone he meets that needs help. He's been doing this for years and actually maintains a secret identity. (It's been noted that a certain local millionaire playboy has never been seen at the same time and place with Polarman.)

Can this kind of do-gooding really make a difference in this messed up world? Isn't he just trying to shovel back the tide? I don't think so. I think his attitude could catch on. Just this morning as I walked my wife to work, we saw a large rock someone had rolled onto a road. The cars were swerving to avoid it and we asked ourselves, WWPD? We rolled the rock off to the side.


Polarman? Wonderful. Please send him down here when you are done because we definately could use someone like that. Keep the northern posts coming...I'll be in Usuahuia next month...on the flip side of the ball from you.