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A gold star for Heart of Canada

I am consistently amazed by the quality of content that is available in the blogosphere. People devote enormous amounts of time and energy towards something that will only earn them a bit of recognition, if that. This is the mark of good art -- people doing things not for money or to pad a resumé but because they enjoy it and want to interest and amuse others.

I am even more impressed by those that do things that are unpleasant for themselves, again purely for the benefit of others. By plowing through Sheila Copps' new book and reviewing it, Theresa Zolner demonstrates her dedication to her readers. I mean, I can't get through a column by Sheila, but Theresa managed a whole book! If she hadn't, we wouldn't have this revealing insight into Copps (backed up by evidence):

Then it occurred to me what the real intent of the book probably is: the book is a campaign for Sheila's idea of Canada and, ultimately, a campaign for Sheila. Ultimately, the book is political show-and-tell, which helped me to sort out something puzzling about her passion for Canada. Sheila Copps is passionate about her vision for this country, I think, because I believe Sheila Copps is a Marxist. She never says that in her book, but, indirectly, she does, and that is what frightens me about Sheila's vision for Canada.

Did Theresa enjoy reading it? What does this line tell you?

I started writing "G's" in the margin every time I saw a statement that made me gag...
All in all, an interesting look into one of the most annoying minds Canada has ever created. Thanks Theresa. For your bravery, you've earned a coveted Autonomous Source Gold Star!


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