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A perfect fit

Some stories are made for certain blogs. The story of the renegade Karter roaring around Quebec City at night -- with the elements of the usage of the roads and civil disobediance -- is made for Jay Jardine's blog The Freeway to Serfdom. I expect Jay to keep on top of this story and to lead the protests for Kart Vader's release when he finally gets caught.

UPDATE: There must have been some major media story about Vader because I'm getting all kinds of hits off it. If you're here looking for more, go check Jay's blog -- he's got pictures.


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Man, my blog is buried in a Vaderlanche over here!

CTV probably sent that guy enough business to get him out of jail if they ever catch him.

It didn't really start until this afternoon, so I'm guessing it wasn't the CTV story. (No, I don't obsessively watch my referrers list. Well, maybe a little.) I'm wondering where they're coming from. It's not Drudge...

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