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If you're tired, burnt-out and in need of a recharge, going to a ski lodge with nine other (younger) guys and enough alcohol to fuel a fraternity for a week is not a good idea. And what the wine and beer and tequilla and scotch and appletine and Linie aquavit did to my head, the hours of street hockey did to my body. Now I need to recover from my retreat...

UPDATE: There was a request for photos...

Here's the photo taken when we were struggling with the camera timer:

Here's the official photo of the teams for the achives:

And here's an action shot of one of Team Quebec's captain's many rolling-on-the-ground, call-an-ambulance episodes.


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Hmmm...I feel well rested now that I've slept 10 hours, but where are the photos showing us drinking the aqvavit, the appletini, the tequilla, the beer and taking team Québec down in hockey?


14 hours of straight sleep is what I had last night. Que rico. Nice to see you guys, wonderful cottage and Quebec won the hockey game, 5-4, on a one-timer from the Latin America correspondant. But it wasn't only fun and games, I also learned something: Norweigans sure can't make liquor.

Québec Won?! I believe Team Winnipeg won the first game 5-4, you guys won 5-4 and then we asked for the decicive game and you came up with every excuse in the book including menstrual cramps. Gizz can barely walk, so I think we would have trampled you in the 3rd game with backstopping from Bob "Bruce" Essensa, Randy "Meat" Carlyle, Dale "Kevin" Hawerchuk and Tomas "René" Steen.

Wow, an actual give-and-take discussion in my comments section! It's like I have a real blog. I think with all their injuries and absence of stamina, Quebec would have had no chance in the third game. Too bad we gave in to them to postpone it.

The game took 20 minutes to start because everybody claimed Quebec-residency and wanted to be on our team. The first scrimmage was, well, just that -- a scrimmage. The championship game was only close because you goons thought you could shut down our finesse. A damn fine victory for Quebec. Better luck next time deadbeats.

Finesse? The only Finesse on your team is the conditioner that you use in the shower!

I suggest Head and Shoulders next time, cuz you guys are pretty flaky. ja ja ja!

Two peggers, one cornwaller and a martimer....sheesh....we should have mixed the teams up, it was obivous that it wasn't going to be a match for four quebec city boys. We contained you and pained you.

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