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Another debate

Despite my plans to ignore tonight's showdown, I somehow found myself muttering about what a phoney, condescensing, sanctimonious sack of pudding John Kerry is as I listened to him quote from an endless list of statistics. God, what a nightmare candidate that guy is. He can't win, please... he just can't...

Now there's a two minute review...


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Much as I hate to admit it, I came away thinking that Kerry came off quite well last night. He did seem more presidential than in the first debate. And there's no question he expresses himself more fluidly than W. And his hand gestures, as encouraged by personal speaking coaches the world over, were remarkably numerous and varied. He was more practised and smooth, not to say glib.

The thing is, while I'm ready to hand the stylistic advantage to Kerry -- and even concede one or two policy points -- I still just plain like Bush better. I found him more convincing and sincere, and his plain-speaking approach to the issues sounded more down-to-earth. I trust him and his intentions more, even though I don't entirely disbelieve Kerry's good intentions. But Kerry seems calculated, focus-grouped. I didn't buy Kerry's pious references to god, as in "We are all God's children" -- lifted (intentionally?) from the Pope's statement about Saddam Hussein a day or two before the debate.

One more thing -- what's up with that "Dick Cheney's daughter" thing?!! A false note in a debate series that otherwise maintained a relatively high tone.

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