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Burned out

Perceptive readers of this blog (if there are any left) may have noticed a distinct air of lameness has overcome this space. I've become uninterested in trying to capture any of the partially formed thoughts that have been flying through my mind lately and hammering them into something coherent. As well, the kids have been steadily increasing in craziness and any free time I have is better spent relieving stress rather than increasing it.

But fear not, my friend the Latin American correspondent is in town this weekend and we have arranged a men's retreat to restore our frayed spirits. About eight of us will be getting together in a cabin to burn incense, bang drums, and read poetry. There will also be the ritualistic consumption of alcohol and the telling of rude stories. There may even be some golf. I'll be back Monday.

UPDATE: There was a request for baby pictures. I can accommodate that. This is what happens to the kids when I leave them in their mother's care for over an hour.


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I'm looking forward to it, I bring tails of coup d'etats waiting to happen, pending civil wars and tropical diseases. Can't wait to see you. av

No kidding, you guys might have to think up some shopping lists for snacks on fri, b-fast. lumch and dinner sat and b-fast sun....of course there is also our liquid lunch.

I demand more baby pics, solely baby pics...too many people who ask me for pics of Talia and MAx have too few pics to see on here there no more pic archive I can point them to?

Now back to the wkd. Don't forget film, we need to get this on film. Hard copy.

See you two tomorrow.

Greetings from Montreal. I came across your blog accidentally by browsing through blogs and doing a search on "Quebec".
Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and I appreciate the background here...easy on the eyes.

Yay...great pic...MAx sure does look happy with muddy hands.

Not only does Barden have but he also has cornered as well...he's one coooooooool dude.

Ahhhhhh, blog-burn. Yes, we all go through that, but, in an odd kind of way, I still enjoy reading about other blogger's burnout. It's often when they show off their sardonic best!

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