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Cosh gets the axe

The National Post is apparently getting rid of Colby Cosh from its editorial page. A couple months ago one of his weekly columns was dropped to make room for Sheila Copps' drivel, and now they're taking away the other one too. Does that mean two Copps columns a week now?! I'm so excited! Or maybe some other unemployed Liberal hack will get the spot -- maybe Lloyd Axworthy! I'd love to hear his wise take on what's happening in the world. Or -- I know who it's gonna be! Svend Robinson!

Too bad about Cosh. He always came across as a bit too erudite, but he had some interesting ideas. Is he worth cancelling my subscription over? I'll think about it.


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Thus, the Asperisation of the NP continues...

Proof positive that you can ruin anything.

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