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Most Annoying Canadian update

Warren Kinsella still holds a slight edge over Sheila Copps in the poll. But she's been making up ground fast, and unless the enemies of Lord Voldemort start bringing in more voters, she'll take the lead. (Let's face it -- she's the favourite.) I'm surprised Svend and Jack Layton are so far down in the running. Svend usually does well in these types of things, and Layton makes people want to hit him with a shovel. I guess it's the stiff competition.

As I noted before, I missed a few names that definitely need to be in the race. So I've decided to make the current round the first qualifying round, which will be followed by another qualifying round, and the best five from each will meet for a final round. To be fair, there needs to be a schedule, so here it is: The first (current) round will end Friday, November 12. The next round will begin immediately and end Friday, December 3. Then the final will go until midnight on New Year's eve. Unless I forget or lose interest, which is probably the most likely result.

The names for the next round have not been decided yet. John Ralston Saul is definitely in. Chretien should also get one of the starting gates (though personally I'm not annoyed by him anymore). But who else? Tom Green? Jacques Parizeau? Mel Lastman? Avril Lavigne? Phil Fontaine? Buzz Hargrove? Lise Beaudoin? Dalton McGuinty? Rex Murphy? Please help me narrow down the choices in the comments section. There's an embarrassment of riches! (Or is it wretches?)

And please vote! I don't want to hear that the winner is not really the Most Annoying Canadian because of the lack of a strong mandate. You can vote once per day for each computer you own. Make it a part of your daily routine!


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Has to be Sheila...Special K would like winning too much.

Plus, and you have to take this into consideration, Sheila was annoying when Mr. K was in short pants. And she is showing every sign of going on being annoying despite the fact she is now annoying at large rather than merely in the House of Commons.

I vote for me! I AM annoying!

Do you suppose that was really Warren? I wouldn't be surprised -- except that he didn't sign the comment as "Not Warren".

Go Warren Go!

I left a similar remark or two on another webpage about anoying Canadians. How do you guys feel about those celebrities that "fly south" for fame and fortune?

I nominate Pam Anderson and Jim Carey.

I don't know if they still qualify though. They recently recieved US citizenship.

I am surprised that no one has put forth the name of Lyin Brian Mulroney, the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. Time does not erase the effect of his annoying qualities.

Mulroney wrote the book of how "neo-con" policy can ruin the economy of free and independent country, and he has the right credentials with his contacts in the Bush Family and the Bin Laudin Family that together operate the Carlyle Group.

Recall that Mulroney and Bush Sr. as directors of American Barrick, tried to corner the Bre-X gold play in Indonesia, at least until the extent of the fraud was discovered on the part played by General Suharto, the Butcher of Jakarta.


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