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The debate: two minute review

I wasn't sure I was going to watch this thing tonight, but I did. I just went to check it out for a minute and it sucked me in. It was a much better format and I think it worked to make things much livelier and more interesting.

Bush was at the top of his game tonight, but I'll have to concede that Kerry was pretty quick and clever as well. I give the win to Bush though, he was knowledgable, quick, passionate and consistent. Kerry seemed a bit too bitter and cold. I say these things because I recognized from the first debate that what they say doesn't matter too much, it's how they say it. And in the first debate Bush was distracted and sour, and Kerry was quick and focused -- and that's pretty much all I remember about it. (Well okay, I also remember that most of what Kerry said was utter horseshit.)

I found most of the tonight's debate easy to watch, but there were a couple of moments when I cringed like I've never cringed before. And that was when Kerry had to disagree with a questioner (usually about abortion). He would be so extremely patronizing to them that I just couldn't watch it. He would prattle on and on about how much he respects their morals, and understands their concerns, and values their views... Aaargh! Just get to the point already dammit!

I think this guy has a serious difficulty with conflict. Make him the President, and in comparison Jimmy Carter will seem to have the will of Churchill.

Okay, that was fifteen minutes; time for bed.


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