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It's over

Bush is ahead in Florida by 54.5% to 44.5% with over 20% counted. He's also ahead about the same in Ohio (though with much less of the vote counted). This is enough for me to call this election. Congratulations, George W. Bush on your re-election!

Alec Baldwin, we don't want you in Canada. Try France.

UPDATE (8:46): Kerry's now slightly ahead in Ohio. Still a tiny sample though. I still think it's over...

UPDATE (8:57): Bush back up in Ohio (49% to 45%) with 3.5% counted. And he's extended his lead in Florida (Why won't they call it?). It's over. Really. A hundred thousand lawyers couldn't overturn this.

UPDATE (11:15): They still haven't called Florida for Bush, even with 94% of the vote in and Bush winning by 5%. Ohio still looking good -- it's over. Really. This time I'm really sure. I'm going to bed. (Some political junkie -- I know, I know...)


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I'm more concerned about the car wreck right now than the election. Glad to hear you are ok mate, that's the key thing and the knock to the head (as long as it wasn't serious) prolly fixed a couple of loose things up there. I'll call you tomorrow. 1 ayem, I'm going to bed.

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