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I'm a little frazzled because I had a car accident last night. I only received a cut on my head, but I think the car is totaled. Just me in the car, luckily. Now I'm stressing about dealing with the insurance and figuring out how to manage our lives with just one car for the time being. It was my fault too, so I'm feeling stupid and angry with myself.

I'm also a little nervous about tonight. It's gonna be close. The last bunch of state polls varied so much it's hard to say what the voters are really thinking. One poll in Florida had Kerry up 5 (FOX!) while another had Bush up 8. And in Ohio, one had Bush up 6 and another had Kerry up 4. Strange, strange numbers. Tonight I'm going to be watching the blowdried nitwits on CNN huddled under the covers with a bottle of scotch in my hand. I hope to be nice and relaxed by ten o'clock -- one way or another.


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Hey Bruce,

Any pain yet from the accident? It may take a day or two before any soreness presents itself. Hopefully none comes.

I hope the car is written off, rather than having repairs and then probably lots of little problems for the rest of it's mechanical the exciting part, who are the candidates for new family car? That could be your new poll, have your blog visitors choose the car for you...


Sorry to hear that, Bruce, but glad you're OK. At least you have some good results to cheer you up.

I'm glad to hear you're OK. Now's when your insurance policy becomes more than just an expensive piece of paper. I wish you a fair adjuster and a quick settlement.

My neck was a little stiff yesterday (okay, more than a little) but I'm more-or-less fine today. As to my adjuster, I was told that I would get a call within 12 hours. I did -- after 10 hours they called to ask me my policy number. Still a day and a half and no info (and no rental car). *sigh*

What car should we get? We could be like everyone else in our neighborhood and get a Subaru station wagon. Or those Honda Elements look cool. But maybe it'll be .... a mini-van.

Ouch, glad to hear you're OK.

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