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Most Annoying Canadian Update II

I probably shouldn't have given so much time for the votes, but since it's a bad idea to change the rules for an election already under way, the original schedule still holds. The first current round will end midnight, Friday, November 12. The next round with ten other annoying Canadians will begin immediately and end Friday, December 3. Then the final -- comprised of the five finalists from the first two heats -- will go until midnight on New Year's eve.

In the first round, the standings are as follows (from most to least annoying):

  1. Sheila Copps
  2. Warren Kinsella
  3. David Suzuki
  4. Don Cherry
  5. Celine Dion
  6. Svend Robinson
  7. Jack Layton
  8. Rick Mercer & Paul Martin (tie)
  9. Stephen Lewis
Names for the next round have not been finalized. But some names will be there. Starting gates for John Ralston Saul, Alanis Morissette, Jean Chrétien, Tom Green, and Naomi Klein have been confirmed. Add your choices for the other five slots in the comments. There's so many to choose from...


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Is Eric Margolis Canadian? Avi Lewis is pretty irritating. So is Jaggi Singh. And I am shocked, simply shocked, that Antonia Zerbisias has not made the list!

My, oh my, where to begin?

You've listed some good ones but surely you can't assume that's an exhaustive list.

I will start with some people from my home province who would be worthwhile candidates just to see them squirm at being referred to as "Canadians":
-Jacques Parizeau
-Bernard Landry
-Louise Beaudoin

I'm sitting here with Jime checking your blog and she is complaing that you haven't posted any baby photos in over a week. Remedy it please Bruce.

Damnit! How is Kinsella losing to Copps? I vote for Kinsella every day!

Here are two for your list, Tom Green, Mike Bullard.

All the most annoying canadians are on TV or Radio - especially commercials: Canadian Tire guy - that's a no brainer - JERK! Then there is my perennial favourite from the CBC, Sheila Rogers, GAK! I hate that laughing voice of hers; speaking of which, there's also that other annoying laughing voice from the Sleep Country ads: Christine McGee. Then there's that idiot with the piggy eyes from the Kit Kat commercial (he could be American, I suppose). That gal from the milk commercial ("whose ever really finished anyway?") You are - get off my TV. Every CBC radio male announcer with a lisp (that would be half of them). Craig Oliver from CTV News (way past his sell-by date). Rick Mercer (not nearly as funny as he seems to think himself to be). All time favourite annoying cretin: Jean Chretien. Oh I could go on (and I usually do).

I want to start a cmpaign to make Carol Robinson the next GG. She's beautiful, have native lineage, smart, bi and maybe multi lingual, smooth and just a cool lady.
Come on guys! and gals!! lets get this going before the next GG election.

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