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Most Annoying Canadian Update III

There's less than a week left until the Most Annoying Canadian final round. Can you feel the excitement? It's... it's... intoxicating!

The second round has had great response -- much better than the first round. So far we have the Helpful Canadian Tire Guy with a commanding lead, followed by Antonia Zerbisias, John Ralston Saul, Jean Chrétien and Naomi Klein. But the positions have been constantly changing. No one is yet assured of a position in the final (except the HCTG. He's a machine!)

At the suggestion of a reader, I've decided to let Carolyn Parrish 'cut in' and take one of the starting gates for the final. That means one of the ten that would have made it in to the final using the initial rules will have to be dropped. That person will be the one with the lowest percentage score in their respective vote. As things stand, it will be David Suzuki (9%), though it could be Naomi Klein (10%) if her share of the vote declines. Changing the rules in mid-contest is a serious step, but I think the tremendous burst of annoyingness Ms Parrish has displayed in the past couple of weeks justifies it. Let's see how she does against the more well-established annoying Canadians.

So. One more week until the main event. And then a month until we finally find out who's the Most Annoying Canadian. The suspense is almost unbearable! Isn't it? No? Well, okay then...


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