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Only 41 years, five days ago...

Colby Cosh actually purchased a copy of the 'controversial' 'game' JFK Reloaded, which the international media used as its latest sign of the apocalypse for a few days last week. In his review, he reveals there's not a hell of a lot to it. As a player, you get to sit in Oswald's perch and shoot. That's it. Not much of a game if you ask me, but then, it's only 10 bucks.

Dallas is the dullest city I've ever visited. It's only the assassination site that has any colour. I was there a few years ago on an anniversary of the shooting and had a lot of fun listening to street lectures from various wackos -- complete with charts and other visual aids. An exact copy of the famous convertable limo would drive around, over and over across the 'X' marked on the road where Kennedy died, to try to entice you into visiting the JFK Conspiracy Museum. It's all somewhat tawdry (like this game), but the amount of time that has gone by since the assassination removes most of the creepiness.


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