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Spam gone wild

Every morning my first tasks are to get the kids up, change them, get them dressed, make them breakfast, get them in their high chairs, help them eat without making too much of a mess, clean them up, get them out of their high chairs, and clean up the floor and chairs.

After that I mop out my blog for any spam that might have shown up overnight. This is a pretty easy job, thanks to MT-Blacklist. It blocks those that have spammed before and provides a quick and easy interface for destroying the new stuff. Some days I have no spam in he morning, but on others I've been hit with hundreds (really!). I've often wondered what my blog would look like if I let the spam accumulate.

And now I know! Gnotalex at Blog Québécois has a less obsessively hostile relationship to the spam that shows up on his site. You might even say he's quite charitable towards it, giving it a safe home and helping the Ukrainian p0rn sites that put it there increase their page rank. Check out one of his old posts to see what happens when spam is given free reign.

This is not to suggest that Blog Québécois is a bad site. In fact, it's an Excellent website, very informative. Keep up the excellent work.


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I like the spam. It makes me feel like I've got commenters.

Hey, I like the spam. It gives me the illusion that I've got commenters.

(For some reason this isn't showing up. Maybe I've been classed as spam?)

Okay, I've fixed it now. My spam sniffers are so powerful, they detected a spammy aroma coming from you.

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