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Stuff & Things XI

  • Ralph Peters says Bush has got to be tough with Putin (who's really the one behind this) over the election fraud in the Ukraine. There's more interesting background by Wretchard over at Belmont Club. It looks like both Europe and the United States are in agreement not to accept the results.
  • The WSJ asks: why is there so little outrage over the silencing of an artist through violence?
  • Victor Davis Hanson writes movingly about the real humanitarians in the world today.
  • The Smug Canadian points out that fighting with automatic weapons is not as easy as it looks on TV. You should probably at least play a few games of CounterStrike online to see how quickly you can be killed before you go up against the US Marines.
  • How bad is Chirac? Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities has compiled a handy clip'n'save guide to all his (known) acts of treachery and deceit.
  • The Incredibles is the best movie I've seen in years. It's a near perfect blend of action, humour, characterization, story, and style. It was even very popular with the critics.
  • Sick of being hassled for registration info when you try to view a story on a Newspaper's web site? Try Bug-Me-Not!
  • Andrew Coyne continues to battle for the right to ride a bike without a helmet. I couldn't agree more.
  • Blog Wars! Heart of Canada (representing the W League) is feuding with Ghost of a Flea (representing the Red Ensign Bloggers). I'm going to be boringly Canadian about this and refuse to take sides. But it is interesting to watch.
  • Dana at Canadian Comment links to a fascinating article by a doctor working with the dregs of society in the UK. He muses about the Frivolty of Evil.
  • Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better now, thanks. I just wish I could talk without breaking into a coughing fit.


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Hey, I'm not at war with anybody. Peace!

The incredibles was a great movie, almost bond-esque and im still a huge bond fan, of all the movies that could be crap there arent many bond ones I consider to be bad.

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