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Yeah, he's smiling now...

Despite what many people would assume, Michael Moore was desperate for a Bush win. For him, Bush = $$$! Moore has been handed four more years! of leading the looney fringes of the left around in circles, sucking out their cash for his dishonest movies and books. Four more years! of being treated like royalty by the international culture mafia. And it's all thanks to his cash cow, George W. Bush. Try not to smile too broadly in public, Mikey, you hypocrite.

UPDATE: Of course, the relationship is symbiotic. W wrote Mike a thank you letter...


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You are absolutely right, hadn't thought of that. Ah well, the price of living in a democracy.

No. Moore REALLY thought he would take Bush down. Bush is the authority figure onto which he displaces all his psychosexual anxieties.

But aren't Bush bashing books going the way of chick-lit? Even Dowds & Kelly's books flopped. Saturated market.

Guess Moore's a lock for Best Picture now, lol

It's true, maybe Bush's re-election killed the market for more dirt on him. He's here for another four years, you'd think no one would want to go on and on, whining about how terrible it is. But somehow I think the anti-Bush industry will whether this storm and find fresh nonsense to fill the pages.

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