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Most Annoying Canadian update V

Less than a week until the Most Annoying Canadian competition is over. The race has become a dead heat between the Helpful Canadian Tire Guy and Carolyn Parrish. With a race this close, you might think that there's been a lot of voting going on by different actions trying to push their candidate over the finish line, but you'd be wrong. The number of votes is considerably down since the last heat. Oh well, I've sort of lost interest in this whole thing, so I can understand why others have too. The vote will conclude midnight on December 31. I have nothing better to do so I'll be there to wave the checkered flag. Remember: Vote or Fly! (Cry? Sigh? Wait a second, I'll remember...)


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It's really not that close. Someone managed to catapult Antonia Zerbisias into the lead.

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