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On the seventh day of Christmas...

...My truelove gave to me:

A Winnipeg Jets jersey!

Ahh! A nostalgia gift. This reminds me of the days when I actually cared about hockey. Thank you so much.


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Not nostalgic enough! At least get the jersey Bobby Hull wore...

But, this is the jersey that Teemu Selanne was wearing when he performed the unlikely feat of breaking the rookie goal scoring record. I saw a few of those goals...

The very next year, the refs wouldn't call any penalties on players who couldn't keep up with Teemu. It was like watching crack-the-whip with half the other team with a stick in Teemu's kidney being pulled around.

That's when I stopped caring about hockey.

I still care about hockey, small town hockey watchin my friend kick butt against st jean, YEAH. NHL can bite me though.

I want a jets jersey *sob* michelle comes up with clever gift ideas.

I would have prefered the old jersey too, but they're unavailable.

It's true that there's more wrong with hockey than just the lack of a team from Winnipeg. The style of play is as boring now as basketball is. To tell the truth, the only sport I could watch regularly would be NFL football. If I had any time, that is.

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