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On the tenth day of Christmas...

...My truelove gave to me:

A talking Shrek cookie jar!

The fairytale continues! Each time the cookie jar's lid is lifted, the lovable green Shrek and his best friend Donkey engage in one of 4 interactive conversations in the actor's voices from the original movie.
Huh! What were you thinking? Well, I guess you had a busy day. No really, it's okay. You should maybe get some rest. I hope you kept the receipt?


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Want to scare the crap out of someone? Place that on a tabletop next to a persons bed and wait for the to wake up and be greeted to AHHHHH!! SHREK COOKIES!

i'm jealous of your cookie jar... please say you didn't return it!!

(i found your blog while google-ing "shrek cookie jar")

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