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Stuff & Things XII

  • Mark Steyn takes some time out from his time out to pick on environmentalists. And why not? It's easy and fun!
  • I've always loved the 20th century rococo architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Here's some great photos of a Gaudi inspired building in Japan.
  • The quotable Victor Davis Hanson:
    Hitler, like bin Laden and his epigones, was the problem, not us. The only difference is that our grandparents knew that and we don't.
  • Tim Blair has enabled trackbacks. That's good.
  • I've been called "consistently intelligent and insightful". It's about time someone noticed.
  • For those of you who are economic girlie-men like me, this piece on the US trade deficit by Steve Stein is a must read.
  • Don't let Bush win! Roger L. Simon links to a report showing how 'humanitarian' organizations (including, of course, the UN) are undermining the attempts by the Iraqi government to conduct war crimes trials. Real sweethearts, these guys are.
  • A computer horror story. And it could happen to you.
  • Max has developed a fetish for trucks. He'll just be standing there, doing nothing, when he starts saying, "Tuck. Beeeg Tuck. Tuck!" Talia, on the other hand, is exhibiting the first signs of an obsessive-compulsive disorder by demanding very frequent hand washings. The joys of children never end.


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