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Was it something I said?

I just noticed that Ghost of a Flea has delisted me from his blogroll. And I have to say... I'm a little hurt. The only possible thing I ever said that could of offended him was when I mentioned the public disagreement between his blog and Heart of Canada. But I don't think anyone's that sensitive. Maybe he just doesn't like kids.

Blog linking etiquette has not (and probably never will be) formalized, but I think dropping someone that links to you, comments on your blog occasionally, maintains output, and occupies a similar political, cultural, and geographic space is, well... kind of rude. But that's just me. It's his blog and he's entitled to do whatever he wants with it. But he won't get any more votes from me in any internet popularity contests.


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Same thing here. I was at a loss to figure out why until I backtracked a bit and figured out that it was probably a (arguably anti-homosexual, though it was more about religion) joke by Rod Dreher in The Corner that I quoted. See here:

There's no humoring some people, I guess.

I waited about six months and then deleted him from my blogroll.

Bruce, you're still screening me out.

Never mind. Your server is a bit sluggish updating, but I am getting through.

Maybe he should create some sort of style document that explains what should and should not be written about. I'm mean, I'd be happy to confine my posts to topics that meet his approval and maintain a link on his page, if I only knew what they were.

Seriously though, one of my big problems when writing is fretting about some people might think about it. My blog is pretty vanilla for the most part, but I still worry about touchy readers. It just goes to show that I just can't avoid offending people, so I probably shouldn't try.

I doubt if it's your commenting on our disagreement because you pointedly said you were staying out of it. I read on another blog that he's dropped the entire Red Ensign Brigade, for some reason, although perhaps he's notified the Brigade of why via e-mail. I wondered whether his running in the lame-o popularity contest had something to do with that. *shrug*

If it's any consolation, he's never blogrolled me and, although he has made reference to me a number of times on his site, he has never linked to me or named me directly, nor has he, to my knowledge, ever left a comment on my site. He has, however, commented about me on other people's sites. I took him off my blogroll because of his editorial policies and those other things he and I disagree about (although he did make a comment on someone else's blog that he actually does agree with me about some things). Whatever. It's all too tempestuous for me. You have a great blog, especially your posts about Max and Talia.

Well, he's dropped himself from the Red Ensign for some reason, but hasn't necessarily dropped the RE bloggers from his roll. I wasn't part of the RE anyway (though I was on the verge of joining). I think it has to do with me being insufficiently supportive in his feud with you. I actually had the nerve to praise you for some unrelated thing. This is all your fault! :)

Anyways, I'm not troubling myself about it too much. Though if I lose another linker I'll fall from being an adorable rodent to a mere flappy bird. And that would be a terrible, terrible blow.

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