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Where Kyoto is leading us

Britain is further ahead than Canada when it comes to meeting obligations under the Kyoto treaty. In Canada, all we've done is create a healthy environmental consultancy industry and have bombarded our citizens with earnest public service messages. In Britain they've started making the laws. Here's one poor British citizen on the edge of a breakdown describing one of them:

I tell her about that infamous legal text, and the insane requirements it places on all of us who break our own windows, in our own homes, in the course of a loving affray, and how we are compelled, if we wish to replace that window, to become members of the Society of Window Replacers, called FENSA, provided we can stump up the fee and pass the exam; and if we cannot pass the FENSA exam, how we must go to the council and deposit a plan showing how we propose to replace our own windows, in OUR OWN HOMES, in line with Britain's commitments under the Kyoto protocol on climate change, and having replaced the window how we must then go back to the council and get a COUNCIL APPOINTED WINDOW INSPECTOR to come out and verify that whatever we have done is in line with those international commitments. And is that not mad, ladies and gentlemen, I demand. Is that not the height of insanity?
The height of insanity? Let's not be too quick to judge. We haven't seen what our government will come up with yet.

(via Samizdata)


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