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Go suck a lemon

Talia and Max just love their fruits. Even lemons. Anytime I cook with lemons they have to have a slice to put in their mouths to suck on.

They like limes too.

Zesty Lemon Tuna Pasta

I sometimes imagine people think I feed these guys nothing but Alpha-getti.  But it's no more than three times a week.  Honest!Sauce: Sauté 2 or 3 cloves of minced garlic in a generous splash of olive oil. Add a can of strained tuna, the juice of one lemon, either some chopped fresh basil, some dried basil or a couple tablespoons pesto (best), and a couple dashes Maggi seasoning (my no-longer secret ingredient). Optional: some frozen peas or some lightly boiled, sliced sun-dried tomatoes.

Mix with a pasta that holds sauce well, such as Fusilli or Rotini. Top with grated romano or feta cheese and some toasted pine nuts. CAUTION: Do not attempt to do this alone with two hungry toddlers underfoot or you will go crazy.


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