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Stuff & Things XIV

  • I know the blog status bar on the right has said I'm 'occupied by real life', but actually I've been highly avoidant of real life. Mama and I have been sucked into the Buffyverse after having snapped up post-Christmas deals on DVDs. And I've divided the rest of my free time between Half-Life 2 and I am Charlotte Simmons. But the blogging will resume. Sometime.
  • Václav Havel -- who would really make a fine UN Secretary General -- has an op-ed piece in the Miami Herald on the eagerness of the Europeans to obey the anti-democratic whims of dictators. In this case, Cuba's:
    It is suicidal for the EU to draw on Europe's worst political traditions, the common denominator of which is the idea that evil must be appeased and that the best way to achieve peace is through indifference to the freedom of others.

    Just the opposite is true: Such policies expose an indifference to one's own freedom and pave the way for war. After all, Europe is uniting to defend its freedom and values, not to sacrifice them to the ideal of harmonious coexistence with dictators and thus risk gradual infiltration of its soul by the anti-democratic mind-set.

  • Blogging Axiom: warning of a decrease in posts actually increases the number of posts. The Smug Canadian demonstrates.
  • Authoritarian regimes with lots of free cash are dangerous. The Daily Standard looks at how Hugo Chavez is supporting terrorism and destabilization in South America.
  • Air Canada has the absolute worst e-commerce site I've ever seen. I tried for over an hour and a half to order tickets on it and it kept choking at different parts of the process. I wanted to reach throughthe computer screen to throttle someone. I finally went and called them on the phone, and was done in ten minutes -- five of them listening to an automated message by a woman with the world's most irritating voice tell me how wonderful their online reservation system was!
  • Roger L. Simon writes on the 'insurgency' in Iraq and suggests if this is the worst they can do -- if they're really going all-out right now to kill anything that moves -- they're not very powerful. I expect the violence on voting day to be much less than the defeatist media is predicting, and I really hope I'm right.
  • Speaking (writing?) of the Iraqi election, The new Friends of Democracy site is a great place to get news.
  • There's a blogger get-together tonight in Ottawa. I have been granted permission to leave the house and make a rare public appearance. But come early; I will only be signing autographs for the first fifteen minutes.


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Bruce, you seem like a guy who'd like a good conspiracy driven storyline. I suggest after half-life 2 that you take a look into the Deus Ex series.

You can probably find the first game now in bargan bins for 5 bucks, great, great interactive game with a wicked story based around government conspiracy and democratic succession.

Im currently playing the 2nd one now, and its just as good as the first.

Maybe I'll look into it. Right now I find I don't have too much time for the games but maybe I can work something out.

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