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The marketer's art

Back when I was a youth, Carling Black Label was the brand associated with skinny ties and spikey hair. Its marketers attempted to differentiate it from the jock beers and the old timer's beers -- as the urban hipster beer. The ads featured fashionably dressed party people grooving to 'New Wave' beats. But New Wave got old, and eventually the beer was discontinued across most of Canada.

But in Quebec the brand continues on, discovering new customers in those that want to get drunk, and don't want to waste any time doing it. The marketing strategy has changed from seducing you with the image of an exciting life to selling you one inexpensive and convenient 40oz bottle you can hold on to until you fall over. They also present you with six different strengths of beer so you can accurately choose your desired level of intoxication:

Regular -- 5%
"I'm driving!"
Forte -- 6.1%
X-Forte -- 6.6%
Really drunk
Extrême -- 7%
Suprême -- 8%
Big 10 -- 10%!
Completely shitfaced

Choice is a wonderful thing.

(Thanks to the 40 oz Malt Liquor Database for the photos!)

UPDATE: You know, I'm not really sure what I meant to say with this post. I saw these different beers in the store and thought it was amusing, but the fun has since worn off. I apologize for my lameness and will not let it happen again. I only had one beer last night; I can't imagine what happened to my judgement...


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There's a 40 oz. malt liquor database?



I miss those bootleg runs to the Gatineau depanneur. More 40s than you can shake a stick at.

The "Force" line is also impressive.

Thanks for the (non)memories, Bruce

10% 'euro'-beer is a must have on those long camping trips... mmmm MM! That said, you'd never catch me with that poo-in-a-bottle any other time. I'm having a Captain Morgan phase right now, YARRR SPICED RUM BE YER FRIEENNDDD!!!!

What does this stuff taste-like anyway? Any connection to rat-piss? :p

Allow me to be smug: in college when I was broke, my friends and I pooled our coins while out at a hipster bar I used it to buy a Black Label from the bartender, the woman from the Crash Test Dummies.

I can't believe there are now six "flavors". The geek in me is *dying* to see the assembly line and understand the truth that is 10% beer.

Hmm. The only person I ever knew before he got famous was the guy fom the Crash Test Dummies. He was the surly, too-cool-for-this-job guy working at Comic World in Winnipeg.

I only had one beer last night; I can't imagine what happened to my judgement...

Which one?


WTF? Brad Roberts worked at Comic World? I probably saw him then, too. Comic World bought my Cam Neely rookie card for credit so I could pick up the first three issues of "Mister X," a Canadian comix classic if ever there was. Issue one was $20, I later picked up a second copy for 50 cents in a delete bin...

I have yet to meet a non-surly comic store guy.

hI drink big 10 in da morning
hI drink big 10 hat night
hI drink big 10 hin dee hafternoon
hit make me feel halright

hI drink big 10, hin time hof peace
hand drink hin time of war

hI drink big 10 before hI drink big ten...
And den hI drink 10 more.

i did a search on mister x and black label because I was looking for an old poster for black label beer that had mister x in it. i was wondering if any of you guys know where i can find that (i know its a long shot) or even a digital copy.

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