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Is there a more annoying company than Microsoft?

Right now a message is continually popping up in the lower right corner of my screen. It's from Microsoft, telling me that a new version of MS Messenger is available. It pops up and disappears, pops up and disappears, every five seconds. I long ago got rid of Messenger because of the endless 'updates' -- which were in reality just changes to screw over third-party software makers; but evidently there remains some residue of it still on my system that recieved the word from Redmond about this exciting new update.

If I click on the pop-up, it gives me the option to download the new version, or ignore -- for one week. It does NOT give me the option to tell it to go away and never bug me again.

They've got quite the racket. You pay up to 1/5 the price of your new computer (all other costs for computing have declined dramatically) to licence their buggy, sluggish operating system, then they use your computer as a marketing tool for their grand scheme to control the media channels of the future.

I've had enough. I've been trying to clean up my laptop for the past couple of weeks and it's done no good. I've anti-virused it, de-spywared it, defragged it switched from Outlook and Explorer to Thunderbird and Firefox -- and still it stutters and grinds and hangs and crashes. It's only a Pentium III, but it shouldn't be this painful to just surf the web and send mail.

New project -- I'm converting the laptop to Linux. It's going to be kind of messy, I'm sure, but then having my computer owned by Microsoft has been no picnic either. I start tonight.


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Dude - uninstall Messanger - done. A simple Google search should land you the info you need.

If you happen to use messanger - get Trillian - it does everything MSN does, only better. (and links into all the major IM networks - i.e. you can control MSN and ICQ and AIM all thru Trillian)

Yes, definitely get firefox. I love it. I wonder if a spyware cleaner would get rid of the MS pop-ups?

I have 146 people on my msn, it is my lifeline, without it I will die a horrible un-connected death, yet with it I am subjected to about 15 people sending dooodaloooo after dooodalooo to me.

Get a Mac.

New or used. Worth every penny.

I have owned both PCs and Macs since 1990 [I have a Mac G4 powerbook, a G4 desktop, a G3 desktop, a PC laptop and 3 PC desktops running on a home network and plenty more of both at work].

PCs are cheaper but waste more of my time. Macs make me money. And are fun. And fast. And ultimately more stable and productive.

Get a lease for 50+ bucks a month and stop wasting your time.


P.S. Linux is OK but why bother? Some things are worth paying for. OSX Panther is the cat's PJs.

Get ccleaner (crap cleaner) for free from Its like windows washer, cleans up old and invalid registry entries, shortcuts, file associations, temp files, etc.
It found 490mb to delete off my laptop!

I'm a nerd. And I'm cheap. A mac may be in the future, but I'm trying to salvage something usable from this laptop. Perhaps my wife will be so annoyed by linux she'll want to buy a mac...

I'm nearing the end of the linux install right now, so any magic fixes for windows have arrived too late. I've used AdAware and Spybot Search and Destroy to clean up my system, but it still was a grunting, ugly pig to use.

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