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Missed this one

Mark Steyn claims another slip-up by our geographically-challenged PM:

Will the naysayers continue forcing their ever more strained dribble of urine over the Bush landscape? Well, the Parisian journalist Frederic Royer has just launched a new weekly tabloid called L'Anti-Americain. The first issue includes a parodic diary by George W Bush with the entry: "Ask the CIA: Where's China?"

Hilarious! Bush is so dumb he can't even find the real 21st-century superpower on a map! As it happens, it was the Canadian prime minister, a renowned sophisticate and indeed a fluent franco-phone, who last year declared in public that China was the most important nation in the southern hemisphere.

Anyone remember that one? I can't remember it getting a good public airing. Our press has got to start doing a better job at mocking our leaders. They could take some tips from the Americans.


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Did you happen to see Dear (deposed) Leader at the Gomery Commission playing with his balls?

One of his favorites: from a little town called Hope, Tennessee.

Ah, well, if you've seen one hillbilly, you've seen 'em all, I guess.

I heard him on the radio. He's got the arrogance of ten Liberals, plus two.

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