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New email

My old email address was a toxic waste dump and had to be abandoned. The spam was just getting out of control. The new address is listed to the right -- nothing says class like your own vanity email domain.

UPDATE: I can receive mail, but I can't send it. *Sigh* Something's wrong, but I'm sick of wrestling with this thing right now.. I'll fix it tomorrow.

UPDATE 2: Okay it's fixed. Had to write the support guys. Obvious solution, the SMTP port had to be set to 587 rather than the standard 25. How could I have been so silly?

Can you believe I've got spam on the new account already? Those email address harvesters decoded the code I tried to disguise my address with on the right and started spamming away. I've since replaced the text with an image that looks just the same. Hopefully that will prevent any more bots from putting me in their databases.


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Can't receive mail and Max almost got smooshed by his beloved TV...things can't be going are the kids coping without BluesNews, Boo-bah and the like? Now the pic of Max at the scene of the crime would have been a great one. Oh - Nooooo!

what happened with the tv?

Max pushed it over onto the floor last night. BOOM. It didn't explode like in the movies, but it doesn't work anymore. The cables also pulled down the VCR, DVD, and satellite receiver. BOOM CRASH. Nice going Max, no more 'tucks' videos for you.

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