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Stuff & Things XV

  • This blog has been on life support for the past month or so, threatening to die of terminal lameness. I apologize. But today I can announce that doctors are hopeful the corner has been turned and we're on the way to recovery. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • I should have mentioned this before, but The Phantom Observer has photos from the Ottawa bloggers' get-together last week. Present were the local internet luminaries behind Shenanigans, Musings of a Canadian Slacker, Minority of One, and Italics Mine. When they make the inevitable Heritage Minute spot on this gathering, I hope they get my shirt right.
  • Victor Davis Hanson. Mocking the clever people. Do you need to know more?
  • The Smug Canadian comments on what the New York Times thinks about us poor blogging parents.
  • We once again have satellite TV in our household. When I cancelled our Expressvu service a few months ago they threatened to charge $75 to reconnect me (after first trying to bribe me with a free package upgrade). But now they've offered free service for two months to get me back, and I've accepted. It pays to be a flighty customer. The programming still sucks however, but at least I'll be able to watch the Super Bowl...
  • Hey! I just got the 2003 annual report for Nortel. Today! Must have got lost in the mail.
  • The kidnapping of an action figure by the 'insurgents' was a great piece of news. The best way to break the power of Iraq's terrorists is to have them become the targets of mockery.
  • Matt at Jerry Aldini has uncovered evidence of a dramatic flip-flop in the beliefs of one of Canada's wackiest leftists.
  • The Europeans may have been able to build a big plane (which hasn't flown yet), but they're having difficulties with the small ones. The engineers working on the Eurofighter Typhoon are finding it challenging to keep in the air.
  • There must be a huge industry of people in Nigeria working to bilk money out of gullible Westerners. I get two or three poorly worded, all-caps pleas each day. I don't understand it, I only sent money twice...


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