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Stuff & Things XVI

  • The faulty technology miasma that's followed me around for the past week has been getting worse. Not only has my TV been destroyed (OK, Captain Destructo knocked it over, but it didn't have to break), my digital camera died, and my car expired, but my wireless router has become just a regular router (making my laptop useless and depriving me of email) at the same time as my DSL link decided to become super-flakey. It's very frustrating when the things you depend on don't do what they're supposed to. I better stop whining and finish this before I lose my connection...
  • To celebrate our country's decision to chain our economy to the sinking ship known as Kyoto, I've added a great blog dedicated to debunking all the Chicken Littles to my blogroll: Climate Audit.
  • Speaking of dubunking, Wizbang has the real story on some Greenpeace propaganda about an Argentine glacier that showed up on Drudge yeterday.
  • The WSJ had a spooky piece about how wacky things are getting in Turkey.
    Perhaps the most bizarre anti-American story au courant in the Turkish capital is the "eighth planet" theory, which holds not only that the U.S. knows of an impending asteroid strike, but that we know it's going to hit North America. Hence our desire to colonize the Middle East.
    Sounds as bad as France...
  • One of the mothers at our daycare told me she heard Steve from Blue's Clues was dead. He's not. Whew!
  • Gnotalex at the Blog Quebecois links to a site that maintains links to security cameras from all over the world that haven't been password protected. I find this strangely compelling...
  • Kate at Small Dead Animals looks at the stupidity of an owner who's English Setter went bad. I find it hard to imagine; our English Setter, Musette, is the world's gentlest dog.
  • I was going to write a big review on Half-Life 2, but it isn't worth it. Nice gameplay, terrible story. The whole game you just kill lots of stuff with no choice in what you do. At the ending -- when you hope they might answer some of the questions you have -- they just throw more bizarre and stupid stuff at you and just end it. Max Payne was way better.
  • Andrew Coyne is back to his blog and is posting his columns there. The latest looks at the ridiculous condition of federal-provincial relations. It gives me hope that there's no way they could but together a childcare plan everyone could agree on. Unless they just pour the cash in such great quantities that no one could resist, I suppose...
  • A quote at Samizdata made me think of the Liberals and their grand plans:
    In any society, the main function of government is to provide status and incomes for the ruling class. However recruited, the members of such a class will be motivated by a disinclination to earn their living by voluntary exchange, or by a delight in coercing others, or by a combination of the two. Its size and activities will be determined by the physical resources it can extract from the people, by the amount of force it can use against them, and by the nature and acceptance of the ideology that legitimises its existence. None of these factors by itself will be decisive, but each is a necessary factor. Change any one, and the working of the other two will be limited or wholly checked.


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Exactly 11 days ago I was at the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is about 3 kilometers from the Upsals glacier (both come from the same ice field). I didn't get to see the Upsala as we had to head up north, but I digress. The Periot Moreno glacier for the second year in a row and the first time since...well more than 50 years..has advanced so much that it has crossed the lake and formed an ice bridge on the land. This is one big advancing and growing glacier. To be sure, the glacier behind Ushuaia is much smaller than it was 3 years ago and likely about to disappear. So there you have it. Anecdotal evidence. Glacier #1 is healthy and growing. glacier #2 is in trouble. Just felt like telling the world about my vacation. thanks.


The Perito Merino glacier sits in a unique micro-climate. The glacier actually does have significant snow accumulation upwards within its valley due to the local climate and physical geography of the region. That snowfall, and ensuing change through pressure to very dense ice, is what causes the glacier to flow forwards (and flow backwards) at almost 2m a day.

The perito merino is one of the world's only net advancing glaciers, an anomaly.
** All glaciers move forward, it depends on if they create more ice than ice that melts).

Call it global warming, a cyclical temperature regime of the globe or the greenhouse effect. Whatever you want - it's getting warmer somewhere, and may be getting colder/more arid/ more humid somewhere else where it hasn't since long ago.

Vast amounts of C02 and other greenhouse gasses have the same effect as a large volcano exploding (spewing gases and ash particulate high into the atmosphere) or a large meteor hitting (similar effect). As long as you give time for the particulates and the gasses to dissipate, be absorbed and reparation to the ozone hole(s) we'll cool again. That is if we give the atmosphere time.

**I am not at all saying the ozone hole is a result of warming. CFC's are mostly to blame there. We could now get in a discussion of the effects of the ozone hole...but why bother...echhh.

No comment on the Upsals. I don't know much about it, but it too could be a local climate and physical geography.

That was a good reply Rene. You nearly convinced me. I must say the glacier at the tip of Patagonia...behind the Austral town of Ushuia has shrunk considerably since i last saw it three years ago and likely will be gone in another 3 years (if it even survives this summer).

Im telling you bruce play Deus Ex, not Deus Ex: invisible war, but the first deus. You'll love it.

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