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Mama was still at work, finishing off the overnight shift, and I was getting the kids up in the morning. Sometimes we have things to do and the mornings are rushed, but sometimes we just like to play around and take things easy. That's what we were doing this morning. I let the kids out of their cribs and they immediately started rushing to and fro and squealing with delight. After five minutes of this I was cuddling with Talia on the bed and wondered where Max had gone. Just then I heard some Mozart from behind the closed closet door:

"Tingo tingo lia STAAAAAAAAA,
Ow I wowa ......... AAAAAHHHHHH,
Opa bow ........... HIIIIIII,
Tingo tingo .... STAAAAAAAA,
Ow I wowa wawa AAAAAAHHHH!"


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