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Yeah! Kick our asses!

We deserve it! Debbye comes back from a blogging absence and rips into Canada the way Americans are usually too polite to do. Of course, most of them don't live in Toronto, choking on the stench of all that intolerable smugness. Sounds like someone needs to vent:

The only leg standing (as it were) is moral superiority. Above all, Canadians are compassionate. If you don't believe me, just ask them. They will expound at length as to how much more compassionate and caring and enlightened they are than Americans. (They've even got some Americans believing it.) Why, they're close to achieving a plane of compassionate existence that's almost European! Unfortunately, they spend so much time and money proclaiming it that they never get around to actually doing much that is compassionate, caring or enlightened but a cynicism has set in that allows that it's the appearance that matters, not the deeds.
Nice rant Debbye. Next time tell us what you really think.


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I'm sorry to say this, but I am a Canadian living in the US and I agree with Debbye. The Americans I have met are much, much warmer, open and generous than Canadians. Canadians are cold, man. Brrrr. Cold, cold, cold. Or at least Ontarians are. And Toronto is the ice-cracking epicenter of absolute zero.

As my husband often corrects me, it's not fair to tar all Canadians with the same brush. For instance, in my experience Maritimers are not cold people. Saskatchewaners either. But Ontario? Toronto? Forget about it.

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